SCANDARD technology will help protect building materials against forgeries

Within the framework of All-Ukrainian Consumer Protection Program called «High Quality – Fair Price», the developers of  SCANDARD system signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with All-Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of Building Materials.

The conclusion of the Memorandum reinforces the parties’ willingness to cooperate on matters related to the initiation and implementation of projects in the field of building materials production aimed at quality control and monitoring.

The purpose of this document is the consolidation of efforts in overcoming the supply of substandard counterfeit products, culture of consumption promotion, provision of access to the information base of domestic manufacturers and authentic products in the market, particularly in real-time.

«The problem of counterfeit building materials has intensified in recent years. It is common that cement and dry building mixes are falsified: modern packaging technologies are becoming available to the public, including unscrupulous market participants. Through SCANDARD program we can give them a strong technological answer»,

said Ivan Saliy, president of the All-Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of Building Materials.

The cooperation of parties also provides for the introduction of SMART protection of the population against falsified and counterfeit building materials and makes it possible to carry out independent quality control and confirm authenticity of building materials. New high-technology mechanisms for preventing forgery and building materials smuggling are planned at the country level; monitoring at all stages of materials turnover from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer as well as utilization.

It is expected that these measures will enhance the competitiveness of Ukrainian building materials in the domestic and foreign markets as well as the integration of domestic entities in the world markets and networks of commodity flows.

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