Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation has been signed between the developers of  SCANDARD system and National Association of Importers of Ukraine

The developers of  SCANDARD system signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with the National Association of Importers of Ukraine in February 2020.
At the official level this document records the cooperation of parties on the implementation of a nation-wide high-technology project on marking, monitoring, control and analysis of circulation of goods, services and documents in Ukraine and implementation of an innovative SCANDARD system, i.e. a system for SMART protection of products and brand of manufacturers and importers of Ukraine.
The Memorandum also provides for cooperation on enhancing public confidence in new high-technology mechanisms for preventing forgery, counterfeiting and smuggling, including the involvement of media, civil society and public authorities.

«The introduction of an innovative SCANDARD system will protect consumers against falsification and manufacturers and importers against unfair competition. The system will also enable the consumers to control the quality and authenticity of the product through a convenient free mobile application»,

said Andriy Doroshyn, Director of the National Association of Importers of Ukraine. He also expressed his hope that the long-term effect of the introduction of  SCANDARD technology would be the creation of a new culture of consumption and trade relations development.

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