Preparation of a pharmaceutical marking pilot project: Memorandum of Cooperation has been with the Association of Manufacturers

The developers of  SCANDARD system signed a «Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation» with the Association of Manufacturers of Medications of Ukraine at the end of November 2019.

The document has been concluded for the purpose of development and effective implementation of the state information system for monitoring, analysis and control of circulation of goods, services and documents, as well as implementation of a pilot project on pharmaceutical marking and monitoring. The cooperation is carried out within the framework of the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU and the Strategy of integration of Ukraine into the EU digital market.

The cooperation of the parties provides for, among other things, the introduction of new high-technology mechanisms for preventing forgery and smuggling at the state level. It is also planned to introduce real-time commodity flow tracking and control technology using a unique Data Matrix pharmaceutical code (after ISO/IEC 16022: 2006).

The introduction of SMART protection against forgeries in the pharmaceutical industry will ensure the accessibility of quality medicines to the patients. It will allow the state and pharmaceutical manufacturers to move up to international rules for the circulation of medicines across the chain: creation, testing, registration, production, implementation and application in compliance with world standards.

The parties to the Memorandum expect that such cooperation will result in improving the competitiveness of domestic pharmaceutical products as well as integration of Ukrainian manufacturers into the world pharmaceutical market.

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