1. Data Determination

Privacy-sensitive (personal) data – kind of data helpful in identifying a person, any information related to an individual in direct or indirect way.


  1. Data Assembling

SCANDARD collects data with the help of the site https://scandard.com/ and SCANDARD Mobile Application. By registering on the site, you permit the usage of your privacy-sensitive (personal) data.


We assemble the data as follows:

  • when the registration form filled;
  • when polls completed;
  • when messages containing the data left on our site and in our social networks;
  • when data automatically transmitted and installed on your (user) device when our site visited (see Cookie Policy).


  1. Data Use


https://scandard.com/ and SCANDARD Mobile Application use privacy-sensitive (personal) data only for purposes of its assembling, namely:


  • for registration as a site user and further identification as one, as well as giving a user access to site sections;
  • user participation organization in such events as surveys etc.;
  • email and social network informing about the company and its services;
  • user inquiries answering;
  • user optimal interaction with the site organization with the help of cookies (see Cookie Policy);
  • other agreed-upon purposes.


The use of privacy-sensitive (personal) data carried out in accordance to the Law of Ukraine No. 2297-VI “On Protection of Personal Data” of January 1, 2010, requirements and other normative legal acts in the field of privacy-sensitive (personal) data protection, as well as “Constitution of Ukraine” provisions.

  1. Personal rights in the context of privacy-sensitive (personal) data.


To ensure your freedoms and rights regarding private (personal) data and when data is obsolete, incomplete, inaccurate, received illegally or used for other than stated purpose, https://scandard.com/ and SCANDARD Mobile Application undertake, upon your request, to take the following actions in the appropriate form:


  • report the time and method of receiving data;
  • introduce user to them as an option at the agreed time;
  • tell about the goals, reasons, terms, and ways of processing your (user) privacy-sensitive (personal) data;
  • change your (user) privacy-sensitive (personal) data, when its inaccuracy proved;
  • notify to whom it may concern your (user) privacy-sensitive (personal) data changing;
  • notify you (user) about the transfer of your (user) data to whom it may concern;
  • report who access your (user) privacy-sensitive (personal) data and what for;
  • report on your (user) privacy-sensitive (personal) data processing;
  • unsubscribe you (user) from newsletters;
  • stop your (user) data processing if its carrying out illegally proved;
  • stop processing your (user) data in case of withdrawal of the respective consent;
  • stop processing your (user) data after received consent terms expiration;
  • stop processing your (user) data when achieved assembling purposes;
  • destroy your personal data when proved to obtain it illegally or in case of company liquidation.


  1. Data Protection


https://scandard.com/ and SCANDARD Mobile Application provide the privacy of your personal data (see Privacy Policy). We carry out the protection of privacy-sensitive (personal) data in accordance to the Law of Ukraine No. 2297-VI “On Protection of Personal Data” of 01.06.2010 requirements and other normative legal acts in the field of personal data protection, as well as “Constitution of Ukraine” provisions and the General Regulations on European Union Data Protection, GDPR requirements.


https://scandard.com/ and SCANDARD Mobile Application take all necessary and sufficient actions to protect and secure the assembling, processing, storage, and transfer of your privacy-sensitive (personal) data by:


  • necessary regulations and job descriptions development;
  • personnel having access to your (user) privacy-sensitive (personal) data training and certification;
  • technical actions provision.


In case you evidenced inappropriate protection of your privacy-sensitive (personal) data, please, contact us immediately in any suitable way from the “Contacts” list.


  1. Policy Changes


https://scandard.com/ and SCANDARD Mobile Application reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. By agreeing to this Policy, you agree to all subsequent changes as well. When using our site and Mobile Application, we recommend you to check the relevance of this Policy from time to time to avoid misunderstandings.


  1. Cookie Policy


The cookie is a small data file that is stored on your computer’s hard drive when you visit our website. When you finish a session and later return to it, the cookie information is still available. The cookie is used to help set up a user interface to suit your preference. You can opt-out of cookies receiving and remove them from the device’s hard drive.


We may use cookies to track certain information about you based on your activity on our or a third-party site. This information may include the URL you just came from (either this URL on our site or a third-party site) to which URL you are passing (regardless of whether this URL is in our site or a third-party site), which browser you are using, and your IP address. We use this information to collect internal analytics for better understanding and serving the visitors of our site.


Sometimes we place on the site the content of third parties. They can also use cookies in their content, but we do not have access to these cookies and we do not control them. The use of cookie files by these third parties is governed by their respective privacy policies.


  1. SCANDARD Confidentiality Policy


Collection, processing, storage, use, and transfer of privacy-sensitive (personal) data performed by the company in accordance with technical, legal, and organizational standards of data processing.


User privacy-sensitive (personal) data to be used or transferred to whom it may concern only with the written permission. If you share the data using the https://scandard.com/ and Mobile Application SCANDARD, as a user you agree to our confidentiality policy.


Only authorized employees acting within their official duties scope get access to privacy-sensitive personal data. Employees are prohibited from using our users’ and partners’ data for their own purposes. These obligations continue even after the employees’ termination with no expire.


The company makes sure that within the framework of the contract terms of the application usage, all privacy-sensitive (personal) data is properly destroyed.